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Full Service Distillery Consultant Firms?


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My first distillery I built myself. Paperwork, state, legal, TTB, design, construction, local crap for a town unfamiliar with distilling, and on and on and on!

I am gearing up to build another larger distillery now and (thanking my lucky stars), I won't have to bootstrap this one and destroy my body grinding through the process.


-Who are the distillery consultant firms of choice?

-Looking for experiences and testimonials on the available firms around the USA that offer the suite of services for distillery build out. 

Thank you in advance!

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NotSure   We do equipment consulting for free.   If you would like to set up a phone appointment for an equipment consultation and quote just email paul@distillery-equipment.com  Our stills are in over 460 US distilleries and the majority of those distilleries also purchased some if not all of their other distillery equipment from us such as mash tuns fermenters, mash pumps, receiving tanks, high proof ethanal pumps, blending tanks, UL listed ethanol storage tanks, steam boilers and chillers.  Our largest stills are 2500 gallon pot stills that put out over 75 gallons of whiskey per hour.  Our smallest stills for distilleries are 10 gallon R&D stills that have plated columns, agitators, steam or baine marie electric heat and they can be used to cook mash.  We have a huge number of sizes in between the 10 and 2500 gallon stills.  We also have a huge reference list and we give a free 3 day distilling workshop with purchases of over $10,000.00 at one of our showroom distilleries using our equipment.

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