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I am looking to buy totes of 190-192 proof GNS that was distilled from wheat, does any one here sell this or know of manufacturers that sell this?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance. 


Thank you,


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Does anyone have a fairly current price list for tankers of 95-5 from MGP or any other mash bill for that matter? I know they're not selling currently but have been looking for a baseline on new make whiskey per PG. 

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My thoughts are that MGP will never sell another tanker of new make distillate ever again to outside entities after fiscal close 2023 except for established brokers in a very limited capacity but that will be phased to 2 year aged minimum only eventually. Will bet on it. With that in mind this pricing is some what inconsequential since they're not filling any orders for new clients for the rest of the year and won't be shipping tankers of new make next year. In the past we have completed transactions for customers from $9-$10/pg on tankers of new make out of Indiana. More recently that pricing has been below $9.50/pg. Given the scaling back of MGPs sourcing business to focus on building their own brands, players like BBC are seeing an influx of customers and I imagine it will be difficult to secure similar pricing as a new customer without consistent volume. Or even distillate at all. Seeing Barton shut down for tours points to them being turned into a workhouse for either existing brands for Saz/BT as well as a focus on private label production. And likely not private label production for you and me, but for Kirkland and their other commodity retail partners. You'll likely be left with new emerging producers looking to fill column capacity (I can recommend a few) or the good ole boys (brokers). Bear in mind there is no real comparable Rye to the MGP 95 so even other distilleries will have trouble hitting their flavor specs with the same mash bill for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps look at customizing your own mb for sourced goods. 




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