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USED Plate Filter For Sale: 200mm x 200mm

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FOR SALE:  200mm x 200mm 20 plate filter
Used 200mm x 200mm plate filter with Noryl plates.  Accommodates 20 plates when in use and I have 26 plates total so you will have a few extra.  1/2HP pump, 110v ac.  I installed 1.5" tri-clamp connections for the pump input and output.  Pressure gauge is not working but would be easy to replace if desired.  Works well, just not needed any longer.  Italian Made so all the nuts/bolts/fittings are metric.  I will also include 46 Pall K100 400x400 filter pads.  I cut these into quarters to use on the plates and never had any issues with that.  46 sheets will give you 9 uses of the filter before you need more filter pads.
Paid $800 for it at an auction and looking to get $600 for it.

Plate Filter - 1.jpeg

Plate Filter - 2.jpeg

Plate Filter - 3.jpeg

Plate Filter - 4.jpeg

Plate Filter - 5.jpeg

Plate Filter - 6.jpeg

Plate Filter - 7.jpeg

Plate Filter - 8.jpeg

Plate Filter - 9.jpeg

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