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first post!

These are Kelvin Cooperage #3 char. 25 gallon as mentioned in the title. Held 100% wheat whiskey for 2 years (some 2.5, some 1.92 yrs). There are 4 of these dumped 3/9/21

I also have 5 of these barrels that were used for ageing gin. Dumped 2/24/21. These held 100% wheat whiskey for over 1 year, and the gin for about 1.5 years (accidentally).

Additionally there are still 4 barrels harvested 11/18/20 that are available,
(and a baker's dozen more destined for furniture or firewood):

Edit to include: $200/each for fresh dumped 3/9
$150/each for fresh gin barrels
$100 for any and all else

Located near the middle of the map, USA


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Include price and general location
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