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Shipping to a wholesaler in Indiana? Rules/regs? IN's ATC is not clear and forms not obvious


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Thanks in advance on getting a handle on Indiana's rules for shipping finished bottled products to wholesaler or distributor in Indiana.    regards to all,

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1. Register as a "Primary Source." This registration must be renewed every year. Send copies of all permits by email.

2. Set up an account on Intax. (Not Intime.)

3. File a report every month on products shipped to Indiana on Intax. If there were no shipments during a given month, file a "zero report."

Indiana is currently transitioning everything from their previous filing system, Intax, to a new one called Intime. There are all kinds of warnings on their site to hurry up and get on the new site. However, Alcohol PS filers have to keep using Intax for about one year more. This isn't explained on the site, but if you call them they will tell you.

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