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Drink more Whiskey. Save the World!


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Just returned from Scotland and a whirlwind tour of various distilleries in Garvin, Inverness, Dufftown and Edinburgh. At the Garvin plant, making use of various heat recovery and methane generation systems, the plant is producing 120% of it's total energy needs; therefore SELLING BACK the excess to the grid. It has been our belief at TUTHILLTOWN that small distillers can reproduce these systems on their scale and become PRODUCERS of power rather than strictly consumers of power. If you are considering startup, take this into account. If you're already running, get your State and Federal energy agencies involved. There is also the possibility to produce fuel from fermentation of algae, which grows at an accelerated rate when fed with CO2 from your fermenters. There is every reason to believe it is possible for a small distillery to move "power" from the "cost" side of your accounting system to the "income" side.


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