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Where has all the glass gone?


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So I’m hearing rumblings that glass is really, really getting hard to source.  The US manufactures are running very long lead times 6+ months in some cases regardless of the (even 50k+) quantity.  Is it a China uncoupling?  Is business that good? Or has all the sand disappeared?  Just wondering?  

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From what I understand, it's because so many foundries were shut down during the pandemic and it takes a long time to get them back online. They're designed to run 24/7. When they have to be shut down for maintenance, they have to plan years in advance to power down cleanly and even then it can take up to 6 months to get them back online.

There's also a global sand shortage that has been going on for a few years due to all the solar panels being manufactured, but I don't think that's what is driving the current glass shortage.

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Hey guys, Attila from Phoenix Packaging.  Yes glass has certainly become tight from a supply perspective.  A large shift away from China coupled with increased demand fro the larger users has made glass supply difficult for the smaller players.  It is a lousy catch-22, the pandemic has created difficult times for the craft distilleries, and the need to but glass as needed is less available.  In as much as you cannot plan, this will be the only way you can get out of this situation.  We have been working hard with a few high quality glass suppliers in Europe giving us great flexibility for lead-times.  Although tougher to get bottles in boxes, glass is usually out about 12 weeks at the longest.  We do offer some limited stocking of bottles readily available.  If you guys need to reach out for help, it would be my pleasure to do so.  My email is attila@phoenixpackaging.com.  Wishing I could help you guys a bit more, as part of the community I will do my best.  


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I have 9,000 glass bottles and corks for sale. 
They are 750 ml Extra Flint Liberty Liquor Glass Bottle with Bar Top Finish.
Color White Flint
Finish 21.5mm Bar Top, GPI 33-400, GPI 33-360
Height (mm) 292.28
Weight (g) 982.7
Shape Rectangle
Width (mm) 83.82
Depth (mm) 63.42
The corks are wood top corks WALNUT with synthetic shanks
Specs: 34mm X 14mm X 22.5mm
$1.25/bottle and .25/cork

Here is a link to the manufacturer: https://piramalglassusa.com/specialty_liquor/liberty/

They are palletized and in their original packaging.  Let me know if interested by email or text:



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