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Used Automated Bottling/Capping Equipment For Sale

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Manufacturer: Inline Packaging Systems, USA Made

I have a 6 head overflow style automated filler AND an automated screw capper with sorter.  We have upgraded packaging lines and have these available now.   This equipment was custom manufactured in North Charleston, SC and was in service in our facility for 3 years.  There is nothing wrong with the equipment, we just needed to upgrade to a faster line.  

We are located close to the manufacturer and we are sending this equipment to be re-tuned at our cost and the manufacturer is willing to provide a 6 month warranty on this equipment to the buyer.

I am selling this as a set.  These 2 pieces of equipment new were $58,450.  We upgraded the filling and overflow hoses to high temp tri-clamp fused silicone hoses at a cost of a little over 3k

We got good use out of this equipment and would like to clear out the space in our warehouse.  We are asking half of the original purchase price without upgrades.

Price for filler, capper/sorter set: $29,225

The manufacturer took a video of our old full line in use for a hot fill application.  The link is below.  This shows more than needed but is nice to see the line in action.



Contact with questions.  

Crating and shipping available if needed.



capper w sorter front.jpeg

filler front.jpeg

filler side.jpeg

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