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UV Printing on Bottles


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Does anyone have any experience with UV printing on bottles?

I've been looking for a workable solution to get to what I'm aiming for (something along the style of a Grey Goose bottle) but screen printing is way too costly for more than a couple colors. In my search for a solution, I stumbled across UV printers that can essentially do full color printing right on and all the way around the bottle. Think, your office laser printer but for glass cylinders!

The machines have come down significantly in price over the past few years. I've calculated that it would pay for itself after only around 5k bottles when compared with outsourced screen printing and still provide much more elaborate options for the design. 

However, I'm concerned about real-world results, not all the magical wonders the manufacturers are advertising. I'm also concerned about the durability of the art once the bottles are in a case. Will it rub or scratch off? Do the colors fade? All the manufacturers claim you can put the bottles in a case immediately after printing and the ink will be fine, but I'm looking for some real-world experiences.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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