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Hi, from Texas!!! And my first question is to ask anyone for ideas for my left over wash after the process is done.

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community and fairly new to distilling and have really enjoyed reading other posts. I'm hoping to maybe get some questions answered by others that have been distilling longer than myself to help me out.

Not really sure if there's anything I can do with the left over wash in my pot after distilling. When I ran my 8gal reflux pot still on a spirit run I would gather all the left over liquid that I called "Reload" and would mix in with my sugar mash when I started my process all over again. But when I look at the left over wash in my 26gal, 4", 4 bubble tray reflux glass column this stuff looks cloudy and rough! I'm thinking the trays pretty much pulled everything of value out of my wash during my run and this left over stuff isn't worth anything. Can someone please advise me if my thinking is correct.

BTW- The still starts out at 185 proof and I stop at 160. I know the two stills are different in style but shouldn't the stopping proof still be the same?

Sorry this was soooo long but I have to find out!!

Thanks in advance

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"Reload" isn't the typical terminology. Backset or dunder is what's left in the pot after the run. Fients are a mixture of heads and tails dumped into a following run to retrieve some alchohol from them. If you search those terms on a sight like homedistiller.org you'll find a lot of info on ways to use them.

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