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WA State farm distillery


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i have a small farm and am exploring the idea of having a "farm to bottle" type distillery.  I am in SE WA state.  I am zoned for ag-res 10, which allows a distillery in that zoning and it also allows a residence.  In this situation what would be the minimum distance from a residence to the permitted area for the distillery?


thank you in advance

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On 4/17/2021 at 4:23 PM, AK2 said:

Dzul and mechengineer,

I would contact Dave Dunbar.  He is usually found on this forum\.  He helped us get all of our approvals after I proved to ignorant of the laws to be of much use! 


Our team at OnBatch and a few of our clients have had a difficult time getting ahold of Dave Dunbar the last month or so. Do you have another go-to?

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