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cinnamon taste why ?


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So i spit my spirit runs as i like to not stop and start again. in the middle of the run. Last weeksomething came up and i was unable to finish,

I Usually fininsh,dump ,rinse ,and re load that day since it didnt finish, i added the next run into the tank and fired it up and took off.

As we were approaching the tails it turned to cinnamon whiskey ........Any ideas ?

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Had a similar experience running a single-pass rum.  Emergency came up, had to shut down and leave.  Restarted the next day.  Peppery, hot, spicy, awful.  Ended up destroying the second half.  Someone had mentioned to me perhaps it was increases in acrolein or other aldehydes due to the extended time at high temperature (thermal decomposition), which seemed plausible.

I’ll never stop a run again though, that’s for sure.

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