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Taste difference between pot still and continuous


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Hi all, we have a growing vodka product and are expanding. Something that has been on my mind is the continuous still. Our vodka is 100% corn done on the grain and has a nice body, some sweetness and no bite on the end. My question to anyone who knows is, if we switch to a continuous still does it affect the characteristics I mentioned above. Thank you in advance.

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Theoretically yes, but with a new still there are a lot of variables in the design you may not have agency over. If you are running a batch column right now I would say most likely yes the product will be different. I suggest you ask the still maker for samples of product made on the still for reference or if there is a distillery currently running their equipment that you can buy in the market. Its not perfect but it should help you better understand what is possible with their equipment. You could also pay to have someone with the still you want to make a batch to your specs. Are you carbon filtering? I always find that redox reactions during carbon filtering shape the final vodka(made from scratch) so much that I focus on that to develop my product profile. PM me if you want me to go into more detail on that.


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