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How are you Storing NGS?!


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Hi, I am in the process of starting a small distillery. (first in the country of Macau).
The fire rules here don't really cater for distilleries at all, which is a proper pain! 

Could anyone share what the rules are in their country?! Does it need to be stored in a fire safe, What is it stored in? is there a limit of how much you can store?!

Any info would be amazing,


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If you search on the term MAQ on this forum it will give you many of the specifics.  There are many limitations in the US depending on how your building is classified.  Sprinklers also come into play.  After you read through the MAQ postings let us know what additional questions you have.  BTW, MAQ stands for Maximum Allowable Quantity.

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A great, simple, common sense solution for not having to spend huge amounts of money on an ethanol storage space here in the US is to store outside the distillery. Simply store it in a UL listed stainless steel above ground tank.  It is looked at the same as an above ground fuel tank.  Storing ethanol this way can save tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Of course some cannot do it this way because they simply do not have the outside space or they are in an area of high crime or possible social unrest, but for those who can store outside, there are huge advantages over the costs etc of building an indoor storage area.  You should check and see if this is an option in Macau.  

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