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5 times distilled 190 proof bulk neutral spirits in NY

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We are located in the Finger Lakes region of NY. We manufacture sustainable renewable 190P+ neutral spirits based on milk derivatives. Our product is Kosher, NY made from 100% NY raw materials. It is 5 times distilled and 2 times filtered. We call it a Whey Neutral Spirits. Our selling price is $6.5 per gallon (190P) for first tote FOB 13081 NY. Will provide discount on multi tote purchase. We also sell in drums. 

The product is great for Gin's, Liquors or other special project that would not require a "grain" designation. Our spirits are sweet, soft and creamy in taste.   

Please drop me a text to 3153148077 if you have any questions. eduard@narenewableenergy.com

Thank you,

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Hi, I’m fromCorning and have providedd cooling system nationwide including Buffalo and Hammondsport. New is cooling system for crashing wort or mash, in case you need some extra . Your product seems interesting! I thought I read somewhere there was a fermented whey that farmers used to drink for stomach ailments- . My grandparts were dairy and egg farmers and there were all kinds of recipes that they used to talk about from “the old country”.


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