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Molded Pulp shipping cartons for Nordic bottles


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With more case shipping for drop-ship distribution, self distribution, and retail sales shipments for spirits, the need has grown for FedEx/UPS approved shipping cartons as well. While many solutions exist, including molded pulp shipping cartons, for wine bottles, the dimensions are not quite suitable for many spirit bottles, including the very popular Nordic (aka Oslo, Stockholm) 750ml and 375ml. I am in discussions lithesome molded pulp packaging manufacturers about production of a suitable size for Nordic bottles. To make this happen would require a significant commitment likely from many distilleries or distributors that use the Nordic bottles, since it is not common with large producers. For example, for a molded pulp package to hold 12 bottles, an annual commitment of 50K units, with 15K units produced during a single run would be typical. I am interested in gauging the interest in such packaging.

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