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Steam boiler specifics


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Hi from Italy,

We're in the process to open a small artisan distillery in Sicily, Italy.

After considering all our possibilities we decided to use propane to fired our still, we're in a rural area so natural gas wasn't an option, electricity is too expensive.
We haven't purchased our still yet and we have 2 possible solutions:

1. Oil Baine Marie pot still heated by a propane burner 

2. Steam jacketed pot still fired by a propane steam boiler.

My question is regarding the steam boiler, it MUST be a LOW-PRESSURE steam boiler?







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2 hours ago, Golden Beaver Distillery said:


We use propane as our fuel source, too. 

Recommend, steam jacketed and low-pressure boiler. 

Thank you so much for the advise.

What I'd like to understand is why LOW PRESSURE; safety? performance? 

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3 minutes ago, JustAndy said:

What will you make at the distillery? If you will make grappa or fruit brandy there is a large advantage to a bain marie still. 

Hi Andy, we'll produce grappa but not as a main product.

We'll start producing a Gin with local botanicals (Sicily produce if not the best one of the best citrus fruits in the world), but our flagship product will be fresh juice sugarcane Rum.

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15 psi or below is considered low pressure. I used to work with high pressure steam, there were a lot more regulations, inspections, and oversight. Our low pressure boilers still require the state fire marshal to inspect every 2 years.  Here is what google found for me:  https://www.aesteiron.com/blog/constructional-difference-between-low-and-high-pressure-boiler.html



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