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COLA question with SOC on Cinnamon Whiskey


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For a DSS what kind of SOC can I put on it? I have a cinnamon whiskey that falls below 30% ABV so I can't directly call it that. Right now we're looking at making it a DSS. If we do what kind of SOC will I need or what can I say? I can say "Made with Bourbon Whiskey"? Or is there some other magic thing the TTB would want to see? From a marketing perspective if I don't put bourbon on the label I feel it will effect sales negatively. 

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Ah the joys of COLA. all joking aside. It is unlikely the TTB will approve the word bourbon to be anywhere on your front label unless it is actually bourbon. Wish I could suggest a work around but I dont think there is one.

On the flipside it is wise to carefully consider your description of the formula you submit as this will often drive the COLA label approval process. 

Best of luck with it and if you get stuck shoot me an email and ill try to help you out.




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