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Agave Processing Equipment - Horno, Mill and Water Diffuser (Extraction)

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A question for those members actively busy with Tequila, Mezcal or Agave Spirit Production, or those with a bit of “behind the scenes” information and knowledge.

We’ve been approached to set up an Agave Spirit Distillery in South Africa. This will only be the third such facility in South Africa, and the previous two plants just didn’t get it right, so we’ve been asked to do better than those setups.

The client has been very specific that they want a traditional brick Horno, not an Autoclave, but they do want to incorporate steam and not just fire.

We also need to maximize the Agave Juice Recovery, as the logistical cost to get the Pina’s from the farm where they are harvested, to the farm where the distillery will be located is quite high. To this end, and for flavor reasons, we are considering diffused water extraction.

My questions is therefore twofold.

  1. Can anyone recommend a supplier for an Agave Mill and Juice Extractor, preferably one that uses diffused water extraction. No point in reinventing the wheel. The supplier must however be able to do small systems – 800lt a day Agave Juice, working off Agave Americana.
  2. Does anyone have plans, drawing, detailed pictures or design schematics of a traditional Horno? Ideally one with a steam system installed? Again, no point on trying to improve on traditional designs that have been developed through decades of trial and error.

 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

 (Pictures for Inspiration purposes only)


Horno Interior.jpg

Horno Processing Line.jpg

Modern Horno.jpg

Traditional Horno.jpg

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