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Trying to set up a micro scale canning operation for canning ready to drink cocktails.

Is anyone doing this on a single can or 4 can system by hand?

What would be the absolute minimum equipment needed to do this and how is it set up?

This is not something I have any experience with and will be starting from square 1.

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Hi @thebottle Ive seen a few folks running the single head systems from CASK with success to can cocktails. 

in regards to selecting the equipment for this process there a many factors to consider before reccomending the minimum equipment.

What kind of cocktails do you want to can?

Will they be carbonated?

What kind of ingredients are going to be used in the cocktail? (this is important to avoid contamination)

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we have a neutral spirit like vodka and one canned cocktail would simply be cranberry juice and alcohol.


We also have a spiced rum and would like to can a rum and "coke" there is a local soda company that would supply the cola


This is what we would like as a start

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Hey @thebottle. Sent you a DM, I'm very well versed in this space. I had my own brand acquired 3 1/2 years ago and have developed many canned RTDs since for other brands. Feel free to text me at 315-506-5084 to set up a time to talk, if you have an interest. Cheers, Ben

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