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Looking for 19 mm bar top corks s


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You can try AO Wilson in Ontario Canada http://www.aowilson.ca/

My supplier is Phil at ACI Cork ( [url=]"http://www.acicorkusa.com"[/url] ), and they are the best in the business. 1000 bar-top corks with wooden tops for $145.00! Tell him I sent you!

All the best,


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I'm looking for a supplier for small quantities (around 5000) of 19mm bar top corks. Anyone have a good source? I'll appreciate any help you can give me.

I've had great success and great service from Sandra Lopez of Amorim RARO in Portugal No problem with small quantities and will do customization. I've ordered as few as 244 tops with special color. They charge at the 5000 quantity prorated to the quantity you order. See Sandra's contact info below.

Dick G

Email: slopes.raro@amorim.com

Skype: sandra.lopes.raro

Company Info: Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. (U.I. RARO) - Rua Central da Vergada - 4536-909 Vergada - PORTUGAL

Phone: + 351 22 747 0430 - Fax: +351 22 747 0421 - Mobile: +351 96 322 9938

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I also would like to recommend Supremcorq. Great service and a great product.

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ditto: Supremecorq

When comparing and shopping do not only consider "by the piece" pricing. Always check for shipping and tarriff charges.

Rusty, just curious, do you have any reports back from the "Home trade" (off-premise) users regarding cork on wood t-tops? When asked why we use synthetic, we have several products on display in the shop showing evaporation can occure through a dry cork and not so tight capseal, and also in the act of a third or fourth opening, simple breakage from people with stone hands like myself..

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When I first looked at synthetic vs natural cork, I noticed that the former often wasn't rated for higher proof spirits. I forget the exact numbers, and it may well vary by manufacturer, but something to get confirmation on. And by that I mean more than the sales rep saying it's OK.

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