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375ml Nordic Spirits Bottles

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Hi there

Premium bottles with free extras. Nothing wrong with this inventory- we just bought too much!


375ml Flint (Clear) Nordic Spirits Round Glass Bottles - 28-400 Neck

Quantity: 15,800 


28-400 Smooth Aluminum Screw-on Caps in Brushed Nickel    Quantity: 5,208  

Plastic liquid pump dispensers in Brushed Nickel     Quantity: 12,000 

Shrink Bands - 135mm x 56mm Perforated       Quantity: 14,000  

 Full lot: $1.85 per bottle for all 15,800 bottles (plus, we will throw in the extras listed- at no charge), if you pick up shipping costs.

Can break up the lot to sell portions at a higher per bottle negotiated cost.

Full lot is 9 pallets and 62 cartons. Located in Leeds, Alabama, 35094. 




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