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Still for Sale - Headframe CF - 1000

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CF-1000: Information and specs:

* Single pass from wash to finished beverage alcohol - no need to have multiple pots saving you time and recovers 3 times more alcohol per hour than a pot still. 

* Feed rate is 2 gpm (7.5lpm of distiller's beer (or 1000 gallons (3785L) processed per 8 hours)

* 90+% recovery of all alcohol from the wash.

* Automated Heads and Tails cuts

* Capable of producing low proof, high proof and gin (or botanically influenced) spirits.

* The entire system is Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) based and can be operated remotely from an iPad, iPhone, Android device etc.

* The system has been certified to produce vodka that meets EU standards.

* System footprint is 5'(d), 10'(w), and 18'(h).

* Feed pump and recirculation pumps included

* Customer provides steam generator, cooling water/glycol chilling and utilities

* Fabricated in the USA.

* Stainless steel and copper design. 

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It has been used only once to make vodka. We no longer make vodka. We are primarily focused on whiskey and we work with another group to do all of our distillation. Therefore, we have no need for the still and would like to get some cash out of it we can. It's in perfectly good condition. Pictures coming soon. 

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