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Crazy ask..


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Dont shoot me im just the messenger.   I have a potential client who would like us to bottle some whiskey for them.   They are thinking they would like to start with some get this...  10 year old (insert eye roll here).  
 But me being a nice guys im asking here if anyone know of or can supply some really old expensive whiskey.   

  I know I can source younger stuff from LDI and other sources I just don't think they have that old of stuff laying around.  Or at least they haven't said they do to me. 



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LDI no longer exists they were purchased by MGP about a decade ago and very little "LDI" distillate actually exists anymore because they mostly went to High West for their early blends. 


MGP has aged inventory in stock for a price, but not much above 8-9 years from what I'm seeing. There's some stuff but not a ton.


Dickel is selling uncle nearest an ungodly amount of aged rye, that pipeline will dry up sooner or later but for now it seems to be open.


Anything from ultra pure is gonna be resold from MGP anyways and they don't carry much aged stock


Barton would be your best bet in my opinion. I don't think you'd get much of a choice but who knows. 

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You can bet MGP or Barton has some whiskey to meet the age you are looking for but the real question is whether or not the price is right. You can bet the right price is reaaaallly expensive. Still it does not hurt to ask


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