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DYE Popular Style of Gin and whisky still Equipment


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Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you this  total capacity 100Gallon/ 400L Gin and Whisky still, It is the best selling and the most people will ask about from all of our inquiries in the world now!

Come with copper gooesneck, 4 plates column (enough for making whisky and Gin) ,and come with Gin basket ,collect head ,heart and tail storage tanks .

Price at 25,000 USD 

Affordable price for a start. the ceiling height is not restricted , and easy to operation etc.

We plan to produce in batches of this style in the next  2 months , if you are willing to put together orders, the price will be more favorable. 

Anybody interested , please contact email : dayu@zjdayu.com  or what'app: +8615158606079 for discussing more. 

DYE Melissa





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