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2021 IFC and IBC

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I apologize if there is another thread on this topic. If there is please refer me to it. 

I see some significant changes to the 2021 IBC and IFC concerning spirits storage and Occupancy Classification. Am I right? 

IFC Chapter 40, IBC 307.11, IBC 311.2, 311.3, IFC 903



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2 hours ago, tndistilling said:

significant changes

There's an awful lot to read there.  What are you asking about specifically?  At a glance it looks like the IFC is now mentioning the IBC regulations in the user note.  Is that what you are referring to?

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It appears that the IBC now says specifically that barrel storage is not an H occupancy but is an S2 if it complies with Chapter 40 of the IFC. Chapter 40 was a reserved chapter but now is for Distilled Spirits Storage and has some specific requirements. 

My city uses the 2018 code but this appears to clear up the Barrel exemption in the Fire Code and the IBC which didn't have it. 

I'm just asking if anyone else has dealt with this yet. 


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