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Hey All, looking for some hints and pointers from those that have been successful in initiating contact and securing distribution in states other than your home state. I've been trying to push into MN (I'm in ND) and have been able to get a conversation going with a couple distributors only for it to fizzle out or hear "We are not interested/able to add your products to our portfolio at this time but perhaps in the future".

Secondary question on the same topic. I have a distributor I'm interested in working with and have re-initiated contact with them. Planning to speak with them after Labor Day but in the meantime they're requesting updated product information. I have a pretty simple sales sheet I've sent in the past. Just basic info about my products, pictures of the bottles, general tasting notes. Do you send more than this and if so, what are you sending?

Thanks in advance to everyone for sharing and wishing continued good luck to everyone.

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