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Distiller's Workbench

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Good Day Fellow Distillers!

Just moved my distillery and I'm in the process of setting up my new space.  While I'm designing my new workflow, I've decided to build a workbench (I do some woodwork).  I've already constructed the top, it's 6 foot by 30 inches.  It's build from gluing staves together.

Now I'm working on the storage area for the table.  My current plan is to have 1 shelf below the top with sections for my graduated cylinders, tasting glasses and hydrometers.  The top will have a tray cut in so the bottle top press will sit flush and it will also serve as a spot for my hydrometers to sit so they don't roll off the top.

Below the shelf, I'm thinking of making a hanging rack so I can slide in storage boxes that can hold shrink capsules and t-top corks.

My question for ya'll is, what would you want to see in a work bench?  What are the tools you want to keep at hand while you are working?



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Think about 5s when you're working on this project. Shadowboards will save you a ton of transaction time.



Great videos on it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0OXtC1xSvZsIiLBdQopaA

You can hang the graduated cylinders like wine glasses. I figure that will save you some space.

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