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Bagged ground corn?


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I think it depends on how good you are at storing ground grain and how good your milling partners are at milling and bagging grain. All ingredients are always best fresh but if you have a highly tuned production schedule with few hiccoughs and missed cooks, and you are using JIT or a structure close to or similar to JIT (like a few weeks worth of grain being delivered at a time, not months worth), and your facility and employees have been optimized for the storage of grain, I don't see a problem with it, we bring in 2 weeks worth of cooks in ground super sacks at a time and we don't have any problems. I have dedicated grain storage areas with humidity control, special sanitation protocols, and an exhaustive raw material intake process. You need to look out for respiration, mold, bugs, etc. For we have seen no or negligible difference in flavor, GC, or yields with our process (2 weeks grain brought in at a time).

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