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Anyone heard of Craftshack? They have our products listed without our permission.


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I regularly google our brand name. Today I found a company that claims to have two of our products. They have what looks like the images from the TTB COLA website. We have never spoken to them nor did we give them permission to list our products. You may want to look up your brand names on there too. I couldn't find it on their website but you can find it via google: https://www.google.com/search?q=Site%3Acraftshack.com++"Company Name"

I am not quite sure how to proceed as we don't have the money to engage in any kind of lawsuit with them. I figure they won't do anything if I email and complain.



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It looks like they are another one of these unlicensed sites that sells through 3rd party local liquor stores. They list products and take a fee for placing the order. Some of them just add products without permission, apparently in the hope that distilleries will pay advertising fees to them.

You can take them down with a DCMA request.

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