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For Sale - New DM-5000

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For Sale:  DM-5000 = $75K/ea. Qty 2 Available Immediately

Demethylizing Rectification Still & Skid.  Used to remove heads compounds from 40-99% ABV spirit.  Feed rate 3-4 gpm (~5000 gpd).


  • Redistilling neutral to obtain "Distilled By" status.
  • Redistilling 40%+ ABV spirits to remove heads compounds.

Input = 40-99% ABV spirit, without solids.  

Output = ABV equal to input ABV, less heads cut you desire.


  • Feed pump
  • 4" random packed column
  • Internal partial condenser
  • Primary heads condenser
  • Internal calandria
  • Product chiller heat exchanger
  • SS frame, column, internals
  • External vent header and Pressure Relief headers
  • Made in USA


  • Low pressure steam
  • Cooling water at 60F or colder
  • 110V/ 10 A service



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On 10/14/2021 at 3:28 PM, Josh said:

Hi John, do you need food grade/direct contact steam for this system, or is it indirect/treated steam?

I am not John but I can help you.

Open the cut sheet.

Look at the steam source

There is also a condensate return

If there is condensate return it cannot be directly injected steam, given this is one column with one heat source



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