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Bill Fender

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I see lots of discussion regarding grinding and mill selection.  The majority of my customers don't like roller mills because of the maintenance issues.  They tell me they are difficult to get adjusted and keep the correct tolerance.  Most hammer mills run a fixed speed due to the centrifigal force required to extend the hammers and maintain throughput.  Process Equipment Specialists builds the Stol-Mill designed by owner Gary Stolhanske.  The Stol-Mill is a fixed hammer mill.  The benefit of a fixed hammer mill is the speed can be varied to change the grind.  From my distillery days, the malt meal was not ground as fine as the corn and rye.  This required a mill capable of delivering two, or more grinds, or two mills.  The our distillery had two mills.  

The Stol-Mill has two grinding grinding areas for increased capacity.  Upper perrforated cutting plates discharge back into the lower screen area.  This initiates grinding before the lower area where the grain must reach the hole size to discharge.  This double grinding area increases throughput by starting the process in the upper chamber.

The Stol-Mill fixed hammer design allows the grind to be adjusted by varying the rotor speed.  This feature allows one mill to be used for all grinding requirements.  

We offer test grinding to confirm rates per the proposal.  Please contact me for more information.  https://wmfenderassociates.com


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