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Any In-Stock Glass Supplier?


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I know this is beating a dead horse with all the shortages and shipping delays right now, but does anyone know of any glass suppliers that have inventory in stock? We have a contract client that is flexible on style and shape so I am open to working with anyone that has decent inventory in stock. Everyone I have talked to is quoting me a 6-8 month lead time which is (I think) ridiculous. Anyone have any ideas or leads?

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Nicole Evelyn shared her first post.

Hello, I have 11 pallets of OI 750ml Vida Bottles for sale. 2.09/ bottle. We have extra and know they are in short supply these days. Located in Sarasota, Fl.
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I have 9,000 glass bottles and corks for sale. 
They are 750 ml Extra Flint Liberty Liquor Glass Bottle with Bar Top Finish.
Color White Flint
Finish 21.5mm Bar Top, GPI 33-400, GPI 33-360
Height (mm) 292.28
Weight (g) 982.7
Shape Rectangle
Width (mm) 83.82
Depth (mm) 63.42
The corks are wood top corks WALNUT with synthetic shanks
Specs: 34mm X 14mm X 22.5mm
$1.25/bottle and .25/cork

Here is a link to the manufacturer: https://piramalglassusa.com/specialty_liquor/liberty/

They are palletized and in their original packaging.  Let me know if interested by email or text:



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