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Taper Capable Label machine.

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Hi All

I'm in a bit of a dilemma here !

I'm a new start up distillery and I'm now a the point of bottling and labeling my products.
I bought a pallet of Saverglass Mixolagest 50cl bottles and have got my labels designed and printed. Labels are printed on a clear acetate and are a 90% wrap on the bottle.

I already have a Race Label Jr machine which I mistakenly thought would handle a slightly tapered bottle, but apparently not. I tried to adapt my machine to that of the taper capable Race Labeling machine but cant get that to work without creases and bubbles.

Can anyone PLEASE recommend a machine that may be able to handle my needs? Would a proper taper capable Race Labeling machine do the job?

Kind regards

Sim Daley (AKA Pop Larkin)
Penrock Distillery LTD



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Hi Sim - Race Labels make certain models that are designed for tapered bottles. If you have not solved your current issues with your Race Label Jr, please reach out to me at crusystems.com  We provide Bottle Filling equipment for small to medium sized runs, including low cost, professional, table top labelers.

408-930-0074 Text or Call

Thanks Sim!


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