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1bbl Complete Set-Up for Sale with Accessories

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I am selling my whole set-up an accessories. I went through CA ABC and TTB, but my county in CA wanted 80k in upgrades to my facility just for a recreational 1 barrel operation. SO, I am putting this out there to see if there is any interest. The package includes:

1 handcrafted copper 60 gallon boiler with built in coil chiller to control temperature from boiler to fermenter

1 250l Marchisio fermenter with tri-clamp and tasting valves. Manway in front and underneath for cleaning. Stainless Steel. This was actually imported from Italy.

1 handcrafted copper 30 gallon Blue Ridge Still - column is unpacked.

1 Stainless Steel filter for system built by trident

2 handcrafted copper thiefs by trident

1 handcrafted rustic bar made of Oak and pine with authentic accessories (does not come with stools in pics)

1 handcrafted copper Master Parot

1 antique pure copper water heater - to be used as a pre-heater for the boiler

A few miscellaneous items - copper ladels, copper funnel, rare whiskey bottle, rare steam gauge - for decoration

I've got pictures attached. I have about 14k into everything, so that is my asking price. I am open to offers, but this is a package deal and you have to arrange for transportation (I am in the Placerville, CA area). Everything is BRAND NEW - the copper equipment is crated and the fermenter is wrapped. since I did not get my permit, I am selling this as ART, not as Manufacturing Equipment. It will be your responsibility to comply with any rules and regs.

Let me know your thoughts...

Kind Regards,






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Sorry to hear about the County problems. My first reaction is find a new county or work it out. I hate to see anyone come so far and give up. I wish we were closer, I love the bar! Maybe there is something you could do. dont be too hasty. IMHO,


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Have fun and challenge it. I do not know what upgrades they would want if you comply with the TTB and State of California. 80 K can go a long way to have a new "Pocket" facility. Let Gov. S. know what is being done to stop emerging business. Note: I would not say "recreatinal" again. Maybe "incubating" instead. If TTB licensed you, you are commerce. And really, art? A duck is a duck. If you do have your TTB permit, you may have return it.

I wish you luck.


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