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Sussman Electric Boiler ES180

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We have a Sussman ES180 with a condensate return that we originally were going to use but due to our really old tanks we are changing our heating source as it would be way too much work to repair the jackets on our tanks.  It is 460 Volt and its current setup is for 15 psi.  We bought it used from another brewery and it was operational when taken out of service.  We haven’t done any work to it except store it in a dark corner until we intended on using it.  It’s in great shape and they sent me a box of spare parts that we will pass it on as well which includes a couple heating coils, various fuses and gaskets.  Other than the process piping there isn’t anything missing.  We originally paid $9,500 and an additional thousand in shipping, we are looking to get $9,000 for it.  We will crate it and load it on to a truck.  Sucks to get rid of it because I was pretty excited to use it, but it just isn’t worth looking for new tanks and modifying them like we have these old ones to our liking.  Please email me and I can forward pictures and answer any questions you may have.  I have attached a picture that they provided when it was installed as a reference and two other pictures of everything kind of jammed into a spot.  I can take more or get specific images you would like upon request.  The biggest reason we wanted to use electric was because the regulations aren't as harsh versus a gas boiler so it would have been much easier to operate and install.  You can contact us at boogiesbeer on gmail.




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