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This line includes two direct fired stills of 1000 and 2000 liters respectively with a wash feed tank of 30,000 liters meant to be run in series in a 12 hour shift, needless to say there could be a lot of product produced with this set up. All the equipment along with manuals, floor plans, and tech drawings are available even 60,000 “unique” new bottles.

The copper pot stills have a stainless steel shell welded on to the body (highly specialized work) along with Eclipse combustion systems burners for each still 750,000 and 500,000 BTU control panels for each still "Veri-Flame" model vf 5602 with Omron controllers plus all associated control panels and stainless steel chimney stacks.

Equipment Includes:

2 serpentine coil condensing tanks glycol cooled

13 single walled stainless steel tanks of 2500 liters, 7 feet x 4 feet dia.

12 single walled stainless steel tanks of 5000 liters, 10 feet x 4 feet dia.

1 steel clad exterior with stainless steel interior tank of 30,000 liters approx. 22 foot tall

glycol system Carrier model 30HWA025 (25ton) with all reservoirs and pumps

3 Fan condensing unit for glycol comp. "Ref Plus"

1 air compressor plant Quincy model #20 with complete air drying and distribution system

1 spirit collecting tanks on weight scale system with remote read out stations

1 C.I.P. Klenzade without micro processor

1 lot flame arrestors

2 dia. Pumps stainless steel Graco-Husky # 1590

57 pallets of 1176 bottles per

1 lot misc. piping and equipment

Contact us for pictures, pricing and to arrange a visit to inspect equipment.

Arnold Lawner

Advanced Materials

St. Petersburg, FL 33703

727-521-3100 office

727-710-1100 cell



www.EVGlobal.com- Auction Site for Packaging and Process Equipment.



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