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Hello! Just got licenced, so coming out of the shadows

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Hi All,

Just got fully licenced, so time to come out of the shadows!

To be honest I don't know what I am doing really - been doing hobby distilling for about 7 years but I'm a professional app developer by trade so its time for a change of pace and learning on the job is half the fun.

Anyway im kicking off doing Gin, Rum, & Vodka. My distillery is based in Yatala, Australia. Of course in Aus, Rum is only something thats been aged two years, so will also be doing a cheeky cane sugar spirit in the meantime.

My first question to the forums though is how you guys manage dunder on a commercial scale / where you store it when you have limited space and customers need to be "kept away from the gross" but I will ask that in the appropriate category.

Anyway Hello!

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