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Distilling in Nova Scotia

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After skulking about on this forum, learning much from the previous posts, it's time to join officially as Nova Scotia's newest craft venture,

IRONWORKS DISTILLERY. We've just completed our first summer season after opening our distillery in a building that housed Lunenburg's marine blacksmith from 1880 until circa 2003 . Exciting and exhausting simultaneously, we met with almost universally positive responses from our visitors - both local and tourist. As the season winds down, we are about to bottle our first barrel of rum, which has been aging in a corner of the shop for the past year. All goes well so far - so much more research to be done but glad to be here.


Lynne & Pierre

Ironworks Distillery

Lunenburg NS

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Welcome Lynne & Pierre.

We share lots of great history with you up there in Lunenburg. Great because I did not have to live it. Hard working scotch/irish men of the sea. They deserve what you are doing for them.

Best of luck on that first barrel of rum! We shared some of ours with the Canadian Dory Racers this year.


Bob Ryan


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