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6" column production

Golden Beaver Distillery

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1 hour ago, Golden Beaver Distillery said:


Looking to acquire a 6" column vodka still from Affordable and was wondering if anyone is running one could tell me what type of volume they get out?

We will be starting with double-distilled distillate at 80 proof.



It depends on lots of different variables so I do not give a specific answer in gallons per hr, I give it in run times which are dependent on the variables.  I need to know how much energy you put in and of course how many plates you are running and what output proof you are wanting.  If you want a good neutral at 190 and above you would need 20 plates.  With 120,000 BTUs of steam you could do the run in 8 to 9 hrs.  Of  course once operating temp is reached, you would be  backing off the steam well below 120,000 BTUs.  If you were running the baine marie electric version, the run would take 10 to 12 hrs.

If you have the 4 plate column  and are running 100 gallons of mash with 150,000 BTUs of steam per hour and  you are running whiskey with an average proof of 130 then you could do a run in 4 hrs with the column on very low reflux with one plate engaged and you would be backing the steam off just before operating temp is reached. I would not do a whiskey run that short.  I would stretch it out to 6 hrs so as to produce a better whiskey and I would run to 120.  If you are running the baine marie electric version the fastest whiskey runs from 40% low wines would be around 5 to 6 hrs.

If you are doing a run through 4 plates at 170 proof with 40% rum low wines running 120,000 BTUs of steam during heat up, the run time would be around 6.5 hrs. With the baine marie electric heating system it would take 7.5 hrs or so.  


Of course some distillations may take longer depending on the operator and other variables such as if the coolant temp is high.  There are also other things to consider, for example if you have 208v instead of 240v or 480v the run times will be longer than those given above for our  baine marie because 

The run times above were taken from our own research and feedback from customers.



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Golden Beaver,

My Po Series could do the run in as little as 4 hrs, with the Standard Series it would take 5 or 6 hours.  You can do a spirit run to whiskey proof without running any plates.  If you don't need the versatility of the 4 plate then one of my copper scotch columns would do the job.


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