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New 2000L (529gallons) Cooling Jacketed Storage Tanks


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Have 4×2000L cooling jacketed, all insulated storage tanks available for immediate shipment.  All are new tanks. Specifications are as follows:

– working volume: 2000L, total volume 2400L
– outer diameter 1350mm, overall height 2650mm
– tank materials: SS304
– dished top and slant bottom
– with top manway and sidedoor, top manway is 500mm, side door is 430mm×530mm
– top dome also insulated
– with cooling jackets and insulation, insulation thickness is 50mm
– CIP cleaning ball, CIP arm 
– two thermometers, two thermowells
– triclamp outlet butterfly valve, 2"
– 4 adjustable feet


If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me at sophiewu@zjdayu.com or call me at 0086-15867759507 to get more details. 



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