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Road Map for Opening a GIN distillery in Los Angeles

Shadi Saroufim

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Good morning, I am planning to open an GIN distillery in Los Angeles.

I am looking for a consultant who would assist in helping in the legal and permitting process.

What would be steps that are needed to secure a proper operation of the still.

What comes first, creation of the company, rent of the production space, do we need to certify the still itself?...

Thank you in advance for your help.

Shadi Saroufim

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I don't know about consultants but I do know that besides your Federal DSP you will at least two licenses from California. One for your still, and one for the type of distillery you are going to operate. If you are going to buy neutral spirit and redistill it with your gin botanicals, and that is all you are doing, you may not qualify for the type 74 craft distillery license, but you will have to check with some others to make sure.

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Hi @Shadi Saroufim Welcome to the ADI forums.

Clearing all the regulatory hurdles can be a daunting task to get a distillery started. Many of the steps toward getting a distillery started can happen simultaneously to get you up and running. Before license applications can start we would want to get your business itself registered and licensed, at the same time find and secure a location. Once completed we would then start the process of getting your federal and state licenses for distilling.

I am a consultant and if you would like to talk about your project in detail please email me.  Distillerynow@gmail.com



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Hey Shadi,

Ditto what Kris said. I too am trying to open a space in LA (although not distilling, just for a rectifier's license for amaro). But I registered my company and all the necessary paperwork with IRS. I'm currently looking for a suitable production space, which I believe is the next step, then applying for licenses based on the space you're working with.

That being said, finding a space has been wildly challenging in LA. Not sure if you've begun you're search yet, but there's a crazy shortage of spaces (at least listed ones). Fingers crossed for both of us! Good luck! If you have any secret real estate resources with multiple space options, let me know!

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