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Shout out to Michael Caviness from TCW


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For all you pump buyer out there you need to hear a story.  We bought a Jabsco pump with a Lenze inverter from TCW several years ago.  This pump has a remote with an umbilical cord.  My people found a way to run the cart across the umbilical and pull it out of the contacts.  Then they reprogrammed the pump via some youtube video they found.  So, the pump could function but not with the remote.  I called Michael @MichaelAtTCWand even though he had some family problems and had to call me from home, he got me back up and running within minutes.  He is one of the many people who donate their expertise to this forum without asking for anything in return.  IMHO, if you buy pumps from anyone else, your nuts!

Okay guys and gals, give it up for Michael Caviness, lots of thumbs up for this post.

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Many thanks, Tom and @Silk City Distillers! Glad to help. Supporting a piece of gear we sold you is really the least I could do. I wouldn't say I "ask for nothing in return". Helping people pursue their passion with a bit of advice, equipment, and problem-solving is satisfying in and of itself. I'm certainly grateful to be a part of this community.

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