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4" Glass Column, 14 Plate with Some Accessories

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Selling 14 Plate Crystal Dragon still parts from StillDragon. List of parts and accessories below. Column is missing 1x glass chimney, available for ~$60 on StillDragon's website.

Asking $1200 +shipping from 80021 for all of it. Drop me a message if you want specific parts and we'll negotiate a price.

Parts List:
14x 4" Copper bubble cap plates
11x 4" glass chimney
2x crystal dragon assembly (rods, nuts, plates, gaskets)
2x 4" sighting chambers
1x 2" 180° bend w/ CIP and 3/8 ball valve on 3/4" triclamp
1x 4" dephlegmator
1x 8"x4" concentric reducer
1x 4"x2" concentric reducer
7x 4" triclamp
1x 8" Triclamp gasket
1x 6" triclamp gasket
5x 4" triclamp gasket






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