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Suggestions on raising capital

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We are interested in raising capital to expand our barrel operation. Can anybody give me any insight on what they may have done and the do's and don'ts I see people using start engine and Kickstarter any suggestions? backing this Capital with product in barrels hopefully looking for at least five year payback

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Check out Honeycomb. It's a debt raise instead of equity (Start Engine) or donation (Kickstarter, GoFundMe) based. Donation based is good for small raises, Equity is good for large raises, Debt is the in between. We did it and we were able to raise over $100k.  The biggest advantage I see is that debt goes away whereas investors are forever. The team at Honeycomb is really good. They will help you ever step of the way. And if you go with them I can also give you advice.

The key is that you need to have a good plan for the money when you get it. No matter who (investor, debt or donation) will want to know what you're doing with the money. Don't let money sit around. That is a waste.

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