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4" Vodka Column Still w/52 gallon boiler

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We have fairly new vodka still for sale - available to ship by the end of February. We won a gold medal (John Barleycorn) for our vodka off this still. Slow output but good spirits.

Working capacity: 200L/52 gal
Tank materials: Stainless steel 304
Tank shape: Conical top and flat bottom, with 1” outlet, tri-clamp butterfly valve, on frame and wheels
With 2*5KW heating elements, control box, 220V power supply, single phase - recommend using a Mile High Distillery control panel and heating elements for better heat control.
16 plates and copper column sections
Two temperature gauges
Water control panel and hoses (on wheels)
+ crating at cost (materials and labor)

$4,500 FOB Chico, CA


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