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Used Two-Column PDA-2 Still

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This complete PDA-2 liquid management fractionating column still was built by Mike McCaw, co-author of The Compleat Distiller and still builder in Seattle, WA.

The still can be used to make lower-proof, fuller-flavored distillates or run packed and slow to provide clean 190+-proof for vodka/gin/liqueur bases, etc.

The two-column setup allows for twice the production from the same boiler.

These were used as spirit stills (there was a separate wash still) for several years at a commercial distillery only to make neutral(ish) spirit and they are in excellent condition. The boiler is fabricated from a 55-gallon drum with reinforcement to support the columns. This still runs of electric heat (two 5500-watt heating elements) making it very inexpensive to get up and running.

A great deal for someone who wants a pilot still, just needs to distill smaller amounts, or is starting a newer shop.

Paid approximately $14k new.

PRICE - $6000
LOCATION - Seattle, WA






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