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Hydrodynamic "Xtractmor" unit for flavor infusion, quick-aging, reduction of off-flavors in whiskies

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Available for sale is our Hydrodynamic "Xtractmor" unit for flavor infusion or quick aging.  We purchased this in 2019 when we were first lining up our equipment, and then our process and activity has taken us in other directions.  

Net result, using this unit, and testing the chemical make up of your new-make whiskies using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) shows reduction of unwanted flavors and increase in other flavors in whiskies, though it can be used also in breweries, wineries for other flavor development (hops, e.g., with beer).   Of note, significant reduction of furfural and dimethyl trisulfide.  The mfg site can be seen at hydrodynamics dot com/cavitation-technology/, and a video of the unit in action with commentary by the mfg here (the vid is on YouTube, but dramatically seems to fill the screen here).  You can also read about the patented technology at USPTO dot com, but some are referenced at the mfg site under "news" section.  

  (You can scroll down below the video for more info and pricing)



A PDF showing the GCMS analysis of before/after use of the unit on a new-make whisky is available by asking via email.   We love the technology but it's not our current direction, and would like this unit to go to a new home where it can be used.  See also photos.

Manufacturer price new was over $30,000, asking $23,000.00.  Comes with manuals of course.   Pick up is ideal (north of Seattle), but we can box/crate and ship on request.










ShockWave Power Hops Extraction Loop.jpg

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