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Distillery cocktail club?

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Anyone have any success with a take on the typical brewery mug club by offering a cocktail club? While I'm still under construction and TTB application, my initial local zoning approval prevents me from having onsite sales for the time being so I'm exploring other options. Online sales with direct ship and in house pickup are options as well as bookings for tastings but I'd like to perhaps dig deeper into offering a cocktail club that should bring in some recurring income based on a monthly subscription model.


Anyone doing this?

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At the last distillery I worked at (In AZ, so your local laws may be different), our state liquor license allowed us to serve products made from local arizona distilleries while we waited for TTB licencing to come through.  So the first few weeks I worked there, we were serving other people's stuff while we waited for ours to get finished. Might be an option for you too!

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