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Needing 750ml Moonea Glass and will toss in a bonus

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We're feeling the pinch like everyone else. Our container was supposed to be here in January and now it has been pushed till May. If anyone has pallets of 750ml Moonea glass, we need about 20 pallets or will take a whole container. 

As a bonus for helping us out, I will invite you to come on Bourbon Pursuit, the world's largest whiskey podcast. It will be a big help to us to get this glass and we can get your brand/distillery/label in front of our audience. Thanks! Kenny

Please email me kenny @ pursuitspirits [d0t] com

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I am a bit late to your reply and I apologize. The factory from where the Moonea bottles are being made is temporarily shut down.  I may have an alternative bottle for you.  Please reach out to me email attila@phoenipackaging.com or call me at 514-234-1503.


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